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The Asian Le-Mans Series

"The Asian Le-Man Series" was held first in Japan, and Tanaka/Hiranaka Team of JIM GEANER taking an active part with Super-GT entered the races.
The machine turns on the FIA GT specification Ferrari of the model for 08 prepared years for the rally not the vehicle used with Super-GT but now.
Because the participation right to next year's 24 Heures du Mans was given to each class victory team of the rally now, it became participation that contemplated the participation right acquisition.
TetsuyaTanaka Because the arrival at Japan had been delayed behind this machine, it was shake-downed one week before the race.
They marked top time of the class by free running on Friday though the race week of the real thing was received though there was not enough data of the car either.
It advanced by one position because the penalty of the preliminary contest time blotting out was imposed on class-leading # 91 by the vehicle regulations violation, and the second grid was acquired though it became the third in the preliminary contest held on the same day. (Started from two races and the second grids. )
In race 1 on Saturday, it was passed by the start by one, it became 3rd place, it was preceded in addition by two afterwards, and it came in 5th place.
The latter half took the place from Driver Tanaka to Hiranaka, and four became the titles temporarily.
However, it was passed by the gun lap, and it came in 5th place.

Race 2 on Sunday started from the second grid by Driver Tanaka.
It kept marking a top group though the position was dropped to 6th place in the early stage of the race.
After that, it takes time in the tire exchange in that case, and it loses at time though it alternates to Driver Hiranaka when the pit in is done to the 36th times.
The position doesn't change and Driver Hiranaka that returns by the hand fifthly shortens the interval between 24 seconds and preceding vehicle # 89 that opens greatly even to the difference for four seconds.
However, the drive and the system troubles occur at the arrowhead that seemed that it puts in the range range by the soupcon it.

It became a regrettable retirement.

The victory of race 2 was # 89 with which Driver Hiranaka had caught up.

TetsuyaTanaka Ferrari

- Tanaka's Comment -
In the result more than 2nd place and the expectation, it is a free running and the preliminary contest was feeling "The other party had not shown the intention yet either" at top time rather than being pleased though the arrival of the machine was delayed and it became the race of the acting without rehearsal without enough and prior being tested.
It was not very suitable still the machine of the model straight for 09 years and fast as for the race we were pit stops of two times. the strategy that was the gain of time.
It was not possible to run the whole distance due to the trouble though race 2 pushed in the same strategy immediately after running because it was not good, and scheduled the tire exchange to be done full.
I think it was well-done as an initial try when the runup is short though it became a regrettable outcome because the high rank of race 1 is omitted across the board due to the trouble, and we saw the chance of the victory, too.
I felt response that a good race was able to be done if it did deliberately.

race1: http://www.asian-lemans-series.com/ressources/chronos/class_course1.pdf ※PDF File
race2: http://www.asian-lemans-series.com/ressources/chronos/class_course2.pdf ※PDF File

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the 37th Nurbugring 24. race

The 37th Nurbugring 24h. race was helod in May 21 - 24.
Driver Tanaka who became the seventh participation 3 years in a row enters from similar of last year and FALKEN MOTORSPORTS the war with NISSAN Z.
It challenged a long fight of 24 hours with Dumbreck, Kazuki Hoshino, and Schoysman.
FALKEN MOTORSPORTS was 39th@total,9th@class, but at final race, there was no critical trouble and mistake, 4 drivers ran to constant.
They gradually raised the position. They were 11th@total, 4th@class.
They splendidly accomplished running the whole distance.

- Tanaka's Comment -
There were a lot of troubles last year. However, there were neither a trouble nor a mistake, and it was possible to run the whole distance this year.
I think that I run to constant by four drivers at similar time, and was able to draw out potential well in respect of fuel cost and respect of the load to the machine.
The self-highest, integrated record (5th@total) in Nurburgring was not able to be updated, and it the synthesis won the championship and I wanted to challenge aiming this time.

Official preliminary contest : http://adac.24h-rennen.de/uploads/media/24H_1._2.ZEITTRAINING_GES.pdf ※PDF File
Final : http://adac.24h-rennen.de/uploads/media/24H_1._2.ZEITTRAINING_GES.pdf ※PDF File

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