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SuperGT-Race of Endurance in Japan-


M Speed assists Tetsuya Tanaka.
2009 SuperGT Report

Round 4[Malaysia]

The Super-GT round 4 was held in the Sepang-Circuit in Malaysia on July 20rd, 21th.


The fourth game was done with Malaysia as for super-GT on June 19~20.

It is the first time of the preliminary contest and # 7 It is a class the second Tanaka/flat of the touch following M7 MUTIARA MOTORS Amamiya SGC 7.
Player Tanaka takes charge of the attack in a super-lap, RX-7 to boast of overwhelming strength with [sepan] is held, and pole position is acquired splendidly.
It became pole position acquisition since the opening game in 2009.

It was done by a dry condition without fortunately suffering from rain though the forecast of the squall had been put out until the last stage of middle stage of the race ~ as for the final race.
It became the temperature 35 degrees at the time of the start and races in the intense heat.
The situation changes completely in the final race though it was a class Tanaka/flat in the best condition after it enters of [sepan].
Player Tanaka where the pace doesn't go up as feel, and thought the vibration to be a machine immediately after the start is exchanged one after another with # 33, # 7, and # 88, and retreats to the hand fourthly the 11th times.
Player Tanaka stops earlier than schedules when the regulated surroundings frequency is cleared pits, and exchanges all of of the four-wheel tires there.
It entrusts a flat inside player with the latter half. The player runs 30 times or more flat by regaining the pace while enduring the severe heat.
# 74 in three times of the remainder though the third is returned even to the hand so that the latter stage of the race of the position that retreated temporarily up to duodenary count of yarns It is exchanged by COROLLA Axio aprGT, and it retreats to the hand fourthly.
Even checkers regrettably missed the victory stand in a little point.


- Tanaka's Comment -

It has said all timing, rear-end collisions, bursts, and pit stops in a bad direction by the seventh first time of the preliminary contest though it was a hand though the great set change that had been done before the super-wrapping was exactly also the penalty of ball and # 2 and became a start from a good position.
Feelings were replaced, and it retrieved by the following race.

Official preliminary contest : http://supergt.net/supergt/2009/0904/0904qual.htm ※Jp Lang. Page
Final : http://supergt.net/supergt/2009/0904/0904race.htm ※Jp Lang. Page

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Round 3[Fuji]

The Super-GT round 3 was held in the Fuji-Speed-Way in Shizuoka on May 3rd, 4th.


The third game was done in the Fuji speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture as for super-GT on May 1~2.

The first super-lap method was adopted as for the rally at this season now though the preliminary contest was fought against the opening game and the second game by the knockdown system.
A flat inside Tanaka/class accomplishes the super-lap advancement by the hand by the flat inside player's second attacks the first time of the preliminary contest.
However, the player is a spin of deep regret in a super-lap flat by the first time duty of the attacker.
It stays in the eighth grid.

The final race of the Fuji round is a length even number place of 400km.
A flat inside Tanaka/class schedules two pit stops in order a flat inside and Tanaka and in flat.
It comes for the tire not to match to the condition of the final race, and to execute the tire exchange both twice unavoidably though the strategy of no tire exchange was planned once because time hangs from another car in refueling as for the Ferrari of the FIA-GT specification.
The tire installed in the pit stop of the second times demonstrates a good performance, and the pace is improved though it was a class Tanaka/flat by force the 1st and 2nd [sutei;nto] and a painful fight at a dash.
The player shows the good fight of shortening the difference of time with the preceding vehicle that was for 24 seconds until 11 seconds flat, and checkers in 6th place.
The point was steadily acquired with the result of going of satisfactory though it was not possible to say.

Official preliminary contest : http://supergt.net/supergt/2010/1003/1003qual.htm ※Jp Lang. Page
Final : http://supergt.net/supergt/2010/1003/1003race.htm ※Jp Lang. Page

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Round 2[Okayama]

The Super-GT round 2 was held in Suzuka-Circuit in Mie on April 18th, 19th.


The second game was done in an international circuit of Okayama Prefecture in Okayama as for super-GT on April 3~4.

Time cannot be put out in here Okayama as thought though it was a class in the opening game Tanaka and flat by the acquisition of the front row in the preliminary contest.
Q2 cannot be exceeded, and it ends in 13th place though only Q1 is cleared the second times of the preliminary contest of the knockdown system.

The final race that player Tanaka started is rolled in the contact accident of another car by the opening lap and is a course out.
The 18th tail retreat even to hand though there was no damage in machine
However, the pursuit of angry waves starts there.
Seven machines are passed one after another in an international circuit in Okayama where [o-ba-teikupointo] is few, and the 11th cords tie to a flat inside player in the latter half by the hand.
The corner # 33 when the player also catches up flat by a good pace, and it joins the seventh hand duel that develops forward HANKOOK PORSCHE is captured.
In addition, top # 7 In 7th place, the player is checkers flat by raising the position according to the retreat by the course out of M7 MUTIARA MOTORS Amamiya SGC 7 and 19 # [wezzusupo-tsu] IS350.
The point acquisition was accomplished.

Official preliminary contest : http://supergt.net/supergt/2010/1002/1002qual.htm ※Jp Lang. Page
Final : http://supergt.net/supergt/2010/1002/1002race.htm ※Jp Lang. Page

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Round 1[Suzuka]

The super-GT opening game was held in Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture on 20?21 day in March in 2010.

This season is player Tanaka who came to enter from JIM GAINAER the war by Ferrari F430.
The combination with a flat inside player also challenges the champion acquisition of the earnest wish on year second.
The machine used is a switch in the FIA-GT2 specification when it enters ASIAN LE MANS last year from the machine that uses last season. The tire became participation in Dunlop after an interval of three years.

The weather on Saturday to which the preliminary contest is held is fine.
As for a flat inside Tanaka/class, the first time of the preliminary contest becomes beginning to run the hand and so-so the third.
The second times of the preliminary contest done with the knockdown system, the player first grips the steering wheel flat, and the second Q1 is cleared by the hand.
Because the same driver cannot run two continuous sessions it, player Tanaka attacks Q2.
Advancement to the final session is accomplished at the fifth hand time.
And, the player boards the machine flat again in Q3 fought by ten, and it challenges the grid competition.
# 7 exceeds the time for 0.2 seconds, and the second to the hand regrettably though the player marks top time flat.
An opening game masterly front row is acquired, and it starts as the good omen for the opening game victory is good though only pole position was missed.

A day of the week of the next day changes completely the day before, and becomes the weather that remains unsettled.
The course condition is wet though rain went up in a free running. Because the day before was a dry condition, each team spends time on the confirmation of a wet setting.

It doesn't become this getting off, and each team head ..selection of the tire.. is annoyed though the final race becomes immediately before the start and the raindrop begins to drop.
After all, player Tanaka who received the time of the start in racing slicks is top # 7 though keeps first and does the second position of the hand M7 MUTIARA MOTORS Amamiya SGC 7 is Texa-Corner of the opening lap and the course off.

F430 A top without striking a blow seat is inherited.
It is # 33 in the spoon corner of the second times the next day Afterwards, the position is kept though it is exchanged by HANKOOK PORSCHE, and it retreats to the hand secondarily.
The pit of the routine stops in the 21st times.
In this case, Ferrari with too not good fuel cost takes time to refuel, and becomes the result of the retreat to the hand by the fifth compared with another car though was smoothly done the tire exchange and the driver change.
Still, the preceding vehicle is a little difference. It aims at the position improvement, and it is 130R of the 28th times and power [yo] is the course off though it was a player flat by hearing the chance.

Afterwards, a wireless report that tells abnormality of the elevated water temperature from the player flat enters though it returns to the course, and the system is recovered at once. It thinks about the load to the engine, and the race continuation is abandoned though under a panel is thought that it is a cause to have damaged the radiator by damage and the influence, and it returns to the pit in haste at the time of the [ko-suauto]. It became a regrettable retirement.

Official preliminary contest : http://supergt.net/supergt/2010/1001/1001qual.htm ※Jp Lang. Page
Final : http://supergt.net/supergt/2010/1001/1001race.htm ※Jp Lang. Page

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Round Date Position
1 2010.03.21 -
2 2010.04.04 7
3 2010.05.02 6
4 2010.06.20 4

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