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This page is an English translation of the mark based on "Specific trade law" where the mail order in Japan is provided. This law is applied only to dealings in Japan. Please note it.

Distributor M Speed
Representative director Takemi Matsumoto
Person in charge Yoshie Kobayashi "Web site management and business charge"
Address Zip630‐8115 6-3-29 Omiya-cho.Nara-city.Japan
Tel 0742-35-3000
Fax 0742-35-3001
WEB http://www.mspeed.jp/
E-Mail It is not linked for the spam mail prevention.
About the sales price It describes it clearly in each commodity.
About the charges other than the commodity price Carriage
Transfer commission (For the bank transfer and the postal transfer)
Cash-on-delivery charge (At the price substitution.)
About the carriage The carriage is separately needed according to weight and the size.
The sending out base is Nara Prefecture (Kinki).
The use carrier is ZeroRikusou (vehicle)*, andSagawa Kyubin (packing thing)*.
(Only Japan : the commodity sending out. )
* Linking Site is in Japanese.
About the manner of payment of the price Prepayment(bank transfer and postal transfer)
Price substitution(There is a commodity that cannot correspond, too. )
I will report details by E-mail or the telephone.
About the expiration date of the order Please remit within one week as much as possible after the mail of the order confirmation.
When it is disconnected within one week, I will assume the cancellation and the judgment of it.
About the reply on the delivery date When the estimate is made for the delivery date of the commodity, we will tell whether it is E-mail by telephone.
About cooling off I hope returned goods within one week after the commodity arrives.
I hope the carriage when sending it back by customer's convenience in the customer's share.
Please keep the same as the time delivered as much as possible and send it back when it is sent back. Moreover, when one week or more has passed since goods was delivered, goods cannot be returned because there are neither a commodity that can be used even once, a commodity where Kiz or the stain is caused under the customer nor special circumstances.
Please contact the above-mentioned telephone immediately when there are a defect and a stockout in the commodity delivered by any chance.
Please let me exchange and replenish it by the our company of the carriage load.
About the quantity sold I will correspond within the range that our shop can handle.
Please consult with mail.
About the treatment of the cancellation After it remits, it is not possible to cancel at the prepayment.
After the order mail is gotten, it is not possible to cancel at the price substitution.

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