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SuperTaikyu-Race of Endurance in Japan-

M Speed assists in "TEAM TETSUYA".
The SuperTaikyu report in 2009 is here.

Round 7[Tochigi]

The Super-Taikyu series round 7 was done at Twin Link Motegi in Tochigi on November 15th.
The setup was not able to be advanced as occurred some machine troubles, and thought though it was TEAM TETSUYA that began the practice run on in the race week Thursday.
Moreover, the transmission where the Round 6 caused the trouble was in a slump. The symptom was not canceled though it solved a variety of and it went. It came to attend the preliminary contest without understanding the cause of the slump, and it came in 4th place.
The pace was not able to be given even by the final race that had been played on the same day.
It tied to Tanaka, Hoshino, and Okamoto, and it ran the whole distance. However, it ends in 4th place the penalty's being imposed by Hoshino's contact under running, and delaying from three high ranks greatly.


- Tanaka's Comment -

It was not possible to run with beginning run at all this time continuously of the trouble of we. I wanted to finish off the end firmly.
However, I think some result to be achieved as all round running the whole distance, the pole position acquisition, and year first if it notices though it started hurriedly at this season.
Moreover, involved in the management of the team for the first time as the owner of the team, and relations in the situation to date and a quite different view to the race became very good studies.
It holds out to make up the team of the ideal making the best use of the experience as a current driver though there is still a problem in the admission as a top team.

Official preliminary contest : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round7/yosen/ ※Jp Lang. Page
Final : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round7/kesyo/ ※Jp Lang. Page

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Round 6[Miyagi]

The Super-Taikyu series Round6 was done in Sports Land SUGO in Miyagi Prefecture on November 1st,2nd.
After having founded the team in Okayama that was the previous race, team Tetsuya acquired pole position for the first time. In the practice run on Friday, #1 Aoki/Fujii class of the model concerned is suppressed in the preliminary contest on Saturday, and the 3rd position are acquired to the rival team that began the practice run on Thursday.
The difference of beginning run is retrieved to the real thing, and the team power appeals.
However, the symptom of the trouble occurs from about the tenth times in the mission though Tanaka starts the final race. It is not possible to keep a desire of the pace, and it is possible to leave space gradually between the preceding vehicle.
Still, Tanaka also held the trouble also by player Hoshino who took charge of the third 2-3stint when times of surroundings were continued while dividing pains of the gear and it tied to Hoshino, carried the machine that the symptom deteriorates gradually to checkers, and accomplished running the whole distance miraculously.


There was a difference with other team that had tested since the day before on Friday, and I could not help feeling the delay of beginning to go out by me. However, the preliminary contest was able to actually feel the improvement of the team power being possible to do thoroughly.
I think that it was able to accomplish the minimum work that we can do being possible to run the whole distance though the final race became a regrettable outcome because of the occurrence of the trouble.
Because the inside while stacked was very bad complete the mission, it was possible to run the whole distance well, and feeling after the race had ended.
The trouble has occurred by two continuous wars by one side it in the final though it thinks potential in the preliminary contest to be an improvement it was possible to go from #1 of same Z ahead by two continuous rounds it in the preliminary contest. The potential improvement by the final race is the following problem.
It holds out so that evolution is surely shown though it is another war at this season.

Official preliminary contest : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round6/yosen/ ※Jp Lang. Page
Final : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round6/kesyo/ ※Jp Lang. Page

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Round 5[Okayama]

TEAM TETSUYA The fifth round of Super-Taikyu series done in Okayama International Circuit in Okayama on 6th-7th in September.
The preliminary contest on Saturday that had become a dry condition was held from the attack by A driver of each team. Coloring of the machine changes this time and the second Tanaka marks the hand time to #10 Tanaka class that wraps in the Majorra color.
However, time four ( #50 Yanagida, #10 Tanaka, #28 Taniguchi, and #1 Aoki) high ranks of class 1 differences were little for 0.14 seconds, and the position was entrusted to B driver's attack.
B driver's top is #1 Fujii. It continued with #10 Hoshino, #28 Kataoka , and #50 Yoshida. Because the A・B driver's total at the best time becomes preliminary contest time as for the preliminary contest of Super-Taikyu, Tanaka and the Hoshino class splendidly acquire the first pole position by the third participation in an integrated result.
Pole position not only was seized from the BMWs for the first time at this season but also #1 Aoki class of same "Z" entered secondarily, and "Z" monopolized the front row.
TEAM TETSUYAAn even fight with "Z" of #1 Aoki was developed though the final early by the BMWs in the early stage of the race.
However, the change in the strategy is done through necessity due to the breakdown of a cool suit on the way, and the commendation stand acquisition doesn't become it regrettably.
Running the whole distance was accomplished in 4th place.

- Tanaka's Comment -
The runup was able to be prepared firmly short in settled state participation 1 war eyes and the second fighting though was butter butter because there was a long interval this time.
The finish of the machine is also good this time, and it exists from beginning run on the week of the race about the combat power.
At last, it came to be able to put on the speed at the same level with the Aoki class of same "Z" though it was not thought that it was possible to win to BMWs at honesty and the preliminary contest.
TEAM TETSUYAThe strategy change was done through necessity due to the trouble though it did not run after too much forcibly, and it had tried to defend 3rd place to the last by our paces because BMWs had been expected to be preceded the final.
It is the second pit stop and there is no driver alternation in the schedule as well as the Aoki class, and it is not a state where it can go by two continuous Stint due to the breakdown of a cool suit it and it has become it though only the one side of the tire exchange wanted to attempt the time crunch of pit stop.
Though it held out until player Hoshino seems also to fall.
I will still think the trouble occurs this time in an important point it is possible to aim at the victory for oneself power was insufficient.
However, this pole position is a result wanting it more than the victory with a lot of chance factors for us of development on the way.
It had been had it is possible to fight at last in the same ring because of many of that cooperation and all of team' efforts, and the machine and the team want surely to attempt the potential improvement being add the color of "Team Tetsuya" in addition in the future.

Official preliminary contest : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round5/yosen/ ※Jp Lang. Page
Final : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round5/kesyo/ ※Jp Lang. Page

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Round 3[Fuji]

TEAM TETSUYA The Round 3 of Super-Taikyu series was held in the Fuji speedway in Shizuoka on 14-15 in June.
Tetsuya Tanaka who debuted to Super-Taikyu in the Sendai leads "TEAM TETSUYA".
He develops ENDRESS Z and a keen position duel though it is a short runup. It set up a climax suddenly, and the 4th place running the whole distance was accomplished splendidly.
And, the received Fuji speedway races secondarily in the series the even number of the length of four hours place following 24 hours in Tokachi long.
It is not and the machine trouble occurs in TEAM TETSUYA that began the practice running on in the race week Friday between the running beginning though durability came to be tested more than always.
TEAM TETSUYAIt comes not to be able to condense the setting enough, and to receive the preliminary contest on Saturday the next day.
Time cannot be put out as both running still, it crowds, and it bites and , Tanaka and Hoshino think due to shortage, and the preliminary contest stays in 4th following two BMWs and ENDRESS Z though the trouble the day before cured.
The flow goes at Friday and Saturday it goes well in times of surroundings in the final race repeatedly though it was TEAM TETSUYA where cannot the grip exists.
On the other hand, ENDRESS Z was started, would occur in about one hour the trouble, and retreat greatly.
TEAM TETSUYA that surfaces to 3rd place by this ties, and runs the whole distance without a complete trouble with Hoshino and Tanaka and Hoshino.
The first 3rd place commendation stand in the team times second was acquired.


- Tanaka's Comment -
The trouble's occurring by the practice running on Friday this time, and having delayed starting have influenced the preliminary contest.
The flow that falls into disorder by one degree is what time takes to return it to original though managed to correct the flow, and to be run the whole distance in the final due to no trouble.
The state that can be used always effectively in a limited time is kept, and being possible to recover at once moreover even if the problem occurs are the problems of the team in the future.
However, the commendation stand was able to be acquired by participation 2 war eyes and it was possible to advance one though it also was helped also by the trouble of another car this time.
It will hold out so that the team power is firmly acquired, and it is enumerated first by one victory in second-half game in the future.

Official preliminary contest : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round3/yosen/ ※Jp Lang. Page
Final : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round3/kesyo/ ※Jp Lang. Page

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Round 2[Sendai]

The 2nd round of Super-Taikyu was held at Sendai Hi-land Race Way(Miyagi) in May 17-18 2008.
Tetsuya Tanaka had won in a lot of races up to now, and shone to the series champion 5times.
Victory might not be made the hand by as much as one degree, and it ends in the disappointing result last year though the record of the former person untrodden, that is, the champion acquisition was built up by all races victory in 2006.
To dispel last year's revenge there, player Tanaka forms "TEAM TETSUYA". It aims at victory by three people (Kazuki Hoshino who united the combination last year and Takeshi Okamoto).
He performed many posts with the supervisor and the manager as an owner of the team only as no driver in a short runup it, and faced the debut game in Sendai.

The preliminary contest is four following two BMWs and ENDLESS ADVAN Z. The final race became ENDLESS of same Z and a fight that put the commendation stand.
The first driver starts by Tanaka. An impossible running dares not to be done, and the keep does an own pace to player Tanaka who expected, "The pace is sure to fall sooner or later" for ENDLESS where it tries to follow that managing top two BMWs.
Tanaka will evenly return firmly at the time of the end one Stint, and entrust the steering wheel to Hoshino at intervals between the aim street and ENDLESS temporarily opened for about ten seconds. And, three fight intensifies when going out for the pit stop secondarily in front of ENDLESS Z.
An intense battle is developed about 20 times. The debut game was accomplished and running the whole distance was accomplished safely in 4th place though it was exchanged by 12 times of the remainder and it retreated to 4th place regrettably.


- Tanaka's Comment -
It managed to get many of that cooperation, and to run the whole distance though it was a runup when two weeks are short.
It was participation when there was no time this time. ENDLESS of same Z was done, and anyway, a good race for the other party was able to be done, and the feeling had greatly defeated was not done at all though it aimed at a certain race. If the machine was condensed, and the system would be straightened in the future, confidence that it was possible to fight evenly was able to be obtained.
It became the start-up of "TEAM TETSUYA", the procedure of the entry as the supervisor, the decision of coloring of the machine as the owner of the team, and arrangements of the racing suit and involved in the race in a greatly different environment as the driver who had concentrated worth and up to now only on running. There is a discovery new in that, is a new meeting, the interest that makes up one by one and shapes is felt, and doing feels that it is very much. It is fresh feelings that returned to the original intention by recalling still getting on FJ in my start of the race.
It advances steadily one by one, and I want to do at a good season though there are a lot of still insufficient parts.
The target is one victory first of all. It holds out.

Official preliminary contest : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round2/yosen/ ※Jp Lang. Page
Final : http://www.so-net.ne.jp/s-taikyu/2008/round2/kesyo/index.html ※Jp Lang. Page
- System of participation -
Team : TEAM TETSUYA ( Tetsuya Tanaka / Kazuki Hoshino / Takenori Okamoto )
Machine:#10 Cenote ADVAN Z [Z33]

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Round Date Position
2 2008.05.18 4
3 2008.06.15 3
5 2008.09.07 4
6 2008.11.02 4
7 2008.11.15 4

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